My life as a poster child

December 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

What comes next is a blatant and shameless attempt at self promotion. I make no apologies should you choose to read further.

I’m sure you’ve heard my story before. It’s been told by countless millions throughout the years. I could probably even teach a course about it on college campuses to prepare students for the very real possibility. It would be called 10 Steps to Economic Recession and Job Loss 101 and the syllabus would read something like this…

  1. Land what you think is the perfect job.
  2. Perform duties and try your hardest to meet or exceed expectations.
  3. Wait for the economy to turn south.
  4. Get the news your position has been eliminated due to downsizing.
  5. Find out there are hundreds out there looking for the same job you are.
  6. Fall behind on bills.
  7. File bankruptcy.
  8. Lose your house and car due to lack of income.
  9. Find your humility, inner strength and fortitude.
  10. Do whatever it takes to find a new job and get back on your feet.

For those of you who need enlightenment…I’ve been working on step 10 now for about three years now. I’m not unemployed per say…just seriously “under employed” and believe me when I say I’ve tried all the conventional methods of finding a job. I’ve read stories about people who have taken ads out in newspapers and on billboards. I’ve even seen stories on the news about people who walk the streets of downtown Manhattan wearing suits and sandwich board looking for work. Short of renting a helicopter and littering the streets of downtown Des Moines with hundreds of copies of my resume, this is my attempt at “doing whatever it takes.”

I have to admit that this is hard for me. I am not typically the kind of person who seeks help. In fact, I’m usually more of the white collar version of Get-R-Done. But after reading a message last night from a person very special to me that said, “If you need anything, just ask.” I thought to myself…why not? And why stop with just that special person? Why not ask everyone I know? And maybe even everyone they know?

So with that thought in mind, after all these words, I will finally get to my point.
If you know of anyone who is looking to hire a hardworking, talented, creative and highly motivated marketing and communications professional in the Des Moines area, please let me know. If the position happens to offer health and dental benefits, so much the better! I will be more than happy to forward my resume. Or…better yet…have them contact me directly via email at

For those of you who took the time to read this message to its end…thank you very much for your kindness, friendship and persistence.



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