New Years Revelation…

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t have a “typical” New Years plan. Some years I stay home, tucked in with a good book. Some years I head to my sister or brother’s house to hang with the family and play games. And some years I venture out into the weirdness that is the new years party.

This year, unfortunately, I was convinced to partake in the weirdness that is the new years party. And to be completely honest, I didn’t want to go out at all. I’ve been in a funk for the last couple of weeks, worrying about my job and my financial future. If I hadn’t made a commitment to go out with friends, and owed them money for that commitment, I likely would have had one of the stay at home, tucked in with a good book kind of New Years. You might as well add pouty, bitchy and feeling sorry for myself on to that as well — as long as I’m being truthful!

So…despite my grouchy mood…my sisters and I met friends out at Ms. Kitty’s – a local dance club that plays everything from Hank Williams to Meatloaf to LMFAO, Sexy and I know it. There were a plethora of stilettos, cowboy hats and boots, a couple of wedding veils, a multitude of free party hats, horns and new year’s tiaras, along with a few baseball caps and a fedora or two for good measure.  Definitely an eclectic mix of people…There were even housewives dressed liked hookers and a good number of them behaved as such! In other words, plenty enough to keep your hard-core people watcher like me busy.

My absolute favorite couple to watch, however, was a young man and women who had Downs Syndrome. They were clearly having a blast and genuinely enjoying the music, the environment and the night on the town. They didn’t have any hidden agendas; they were not out to impress anyone; they were just there to have a good time! I couldn’t look at them without smiling and frankly, they made my evening. The pure simple joy they displayed out shined every sparkly outfit in the joint.

I left, after toasting midnight, with a smile on my face and a renewed hope that 2012 will bring good things for me.


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