The Supernaturally Caffeinated Brain…

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

energy drink, insomnia, caffine, Rock Star chaser, Orange, Recovery, mental diarrheaThe other night was one of those nights. You know the ones I’m talking about. Your body is physically exhausted but your brain feels like its just had a triple shot of espresso with chocolate covered coffee beans and a Rock Star chaser. It’s nights like this that make me feel as if I will never EVER fall asleep again.

So…I laid there, tossing and turning…unable to stop the myriad of thoughts swirling through my supernaturally caffeinated brain. It started with something completely innocent…hmmm I wonder if my black sweater is clean. It’s so cold in my office I don’t know if that would be warm enough. Oh! I know. I’ll wear my fleece vest over it with the purple scarf…that will work!

I hoped against hope that would be it for the night. That I would close my eyes and drift off to sleep content that I had a plan of action for the morning. WRONG! I proceeded to think about my job…the fact that I hadn’t blogged in days…the coming weekend…the new car I wanted…the fact that my cat wasn’t coming in to visit me…where is she anyway? And then I did it. I did a very bad thing! I looked at the time.

I had to physically pick up my cell phone by my bedside to see what time it was. I don’t have any other clock in my room…I do this specifically so I won’t obsess about what time it is! According to my cell phone its 11:50pm. CRAP! I immediately think, if I go to sleep now I will get 6 and a half hours of sleep. That’s gonna happen. Yep. I take a deep breath, snuggle down into the covers and do my best to shut my mind off.

Riiiiight. Did I really think I was going to get off that easy? The next bout of mental diarrhea hits me hard and…that stew Rachel made on 30 Minute Meals looked awesome…maybe I should make it tomorrow night for dinner. I’ll need to look in the fridge before I leave for work in the morningdo I have gas in the car…if not I don’t think I have cash in my purse so I will have to use my debit cardI hope I have enough money in my account because I don’t get paid until Thursdayand its a good thing I’m getting paid because I still have to pay the tax for my license plate sticker. If I don’t do that by the end of the month it will expire and I certainly don’t have enough money to pay for a ticket for having expired plates. Oh yeah…plates! I need to remember to bring that plate back to Amanda because its been sitting on the counter in the kitchen for like 2 weeks now…when I check for the stew ingredients in the morning I should grab that from the counter and put it in my car and just drop it by her house after work. WORK! Damn it…what time is it? I need to go to sleep!

And again…I break the rule. NEVER look at the clock when you can’t sleep. Why you ask? Because its now 1:15am…and…if I go to sleep now I will get 5 hours and 15 minutes of sleep. Are you flippin’ kidding me?!?

OK. I can do this. I should try breathing from my diaphragm. That usually relaxes me. That…and those massage chairs at Nail Trust. I love to recline and get a back massage when I get a pedicure. I could really use a pedicure now! I think I’ll go this weekend since I’m getting paid. I’ll have to call Thu tomorrow and make an appointment…and since I’ll be on that side of town I can take back that perfume I got for Christmas that my mom spent way too much money for…while I’m at the mall I need to get some black socks. I can’t seem to keep track of them. You’d think the house would be full of black socks I’ve bought so many. I have plenty of brown socks…blue socks…TONS of white socks…where do all the black ones go? Maybe its because I always wear black to work…WORK. WORK! Shit!

My room isĀ  illuminated yet again as I reach for my cell phone to check the time. 2:02am…if I go to sleep now I will get 4 and a half hours of sleep…well maybe 5 if I hit the snooze button on my cell phone alarm five times…I can do that. I can make that work…I won’t have time to shower…or I guess I could shower, but then I won’t have time to get gas in my car…or, god forbid…I could skip my stop for coffee and squeak in the door at work just at 8:00am. You know what…clean hair is way over rated…I’m getting my morning coffee.




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