a valentines day to remember…

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The information shown below is being passed on with an open heart.  I do know the family involved, and I do know the need is real…I am, however, not the person organizing this effort. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t trust her with my life… XOXO

I am planning a donation drive and fundraiser for a local Des Moines area family. The mother is a personal friend of mine and a recently singled mom with little to no support from the father of her 5 children. She is really struggling to make ends meet and I want to help.

I wish I could simply reach into my wallet to help her all on my own. But as a single Mom myself, that is just not possible. So, I am trying to come up with a creative way to solve this problem. It broke my heart when I learned that the family had not even celebrated Christmas last month. So my goal is to provide them with a VALENTINES DAY TO REMEMBER. That will give the children some of the things they need while also helping their mother get ahead of her financial troubles.

If you have the ability and are willing to embrace this family with me, please consider making a donation. The following items are on their wish list:        

For the family (and Mom):
Used dryer in working condition (currently without dryer)
Used single twin bed for two youngest girls to share
New set of silver wear
Gain with Bleach Laundry Soap
Cleaning Supplies
HyVee or Quick Trip Gift Card

Girl – 12 years old:
New Clothing – Size 14, XL tops
New Shoes – Womens size 8

Girl – 7 years old:
New Clothing – Size 7/8, Med Tops
New Shoes – Girls size 1

Girl – 5 years old:
New Clothing – Size 5/6, Small Tops
New Shoes – Girls size 12

Boy – 2 years old:
New Clothing – Size 2T bottoms/3T tops
New Shoes – Toddler size 8
Diaper – Size 4
Diaper Wipes

There is also a 17 year old boy in the family. I would like to be able to provide him with a gift card to shop for clothing on his own. If I am able, I will do this for the mother as well. I would welcome cash or gift card donations to help make this happen.

I am also organizing a bake sale at work. All proceeds will go to the family as either a gift card or purchased gift.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you and your family are having a very happy and healthy new year!

Contact me at dani50111@yahoo.com if you want to help and I’ll hook you up with the pretty amazing person who is organizing this effort!




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