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I love this bloggers approach to parenting. We could all learn a life lesson from her son.

Raising My Rainbow

My in-laws, Grandma and Grandpa Colorado, are a hunting, drinking, fishing, old-fashioned duo who are, thanks to C.J., newly-committed to learning about all of this sexuality and gender stuff.  Their family photo albums are filled with photos of men, all straight-as-an-arrow, doing hyper-masculine things like playing football, using tools and holding big dead fish.  My family photo albums are filled with photos of fabulous boys doing effeminate things like wearing dresses, sewing and baking cakes.  My husband’s family raises straight boys, my family raises LGBTQ boys.  Their grandson has forced them out of their comfort zone a bit and I have to say I’m quite proud of their progress. 

During their last visit, Grandpa Colorado was playing with C.J.  When Grandma Colorado entered the room I heard him tell her this about Draculaura from Monster High:

“Now that girl in the bustier, I had a hell of…

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