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The truth is…friendship is better when everyone brings a little something different to the party. Count me in!


To enter, or not to enter, that is the question:

January 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ll admit it. I was having a less than stellar mental capacity kinda day. It was a Saturday morning. I didn’t think I would need a fully engaged brain so it was happily on cruise control after a long week at work. I was enjoying a day of shopping with my friend Kara and we had made it most of the way through our “to-do” list for the day when it happened – a challenge that my kicked-back, its the weekend brain was not at all prepared for.

In fact, I was so befuddled (confused, discombobulated, flummoxed, gobsmacked, perplexed) that I literally stopped short. Had someone been walking a little to close behind me they would have rearranged their face on the back of my hooded sweatshirt.  The sign, which was seemingly put their to provide guidance to exiting customers, said DO NOT ENTER. Enter Only.

I blinked my eyes several times. And then, much like my sister’s dog Tika, I got the head tilt going. I could not get my mind to wrap around the oxymoronic direction in front of me. DO NOT ENTER. Enter Only. Now I’m not a rocket scientist by any means but for a good 15 seconds it just did. not. compute.

If nothing else, I provided Kara (and many, many, innocent bystanders) with the laugh of the day. And yes, after a small switch in gears, the mass of gray and white matter resting leisurely in my cranium finally made the transition away from slow motion baby. I got the message and moved on my merry way – but only after taking the picture shown above.

Note to self: when doing your job as a marketing and communications professional PLEASE make sure you do it better than the dipshitidiots who created this exit signage for Target.



Goodie Goodie Yum Yum…

January 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

The goodies, goodie goodie yum yum, humor, funny, memories, 70sTonight a friend posted about Monty Python on Facebook and I had this incredible uplifting moment when a flood of childhood memories that I thought had all but been forgotten came rushing back!

I can remember staying up late on Saturday nights to watch the Goodies. I thought it was THE funniest thing I had ever seen and so started my love affair with British Comedy.

What is your favorite Goodies episode? I think mine is the one with the GIANT cat!

Thanks Len for that happy little gift!

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