The Voice of Reason Rules the Day…

December 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

Some days I really do hate that I am an adult and have to make adult decisions.

Case in point…I have wanted this Burnt Orange Saturn Vue since it was released in late 2007. Unfortunately, in late 2007 my life was busy falling apart at the seams and a major purchase like a vehicle was out of the question. Just keeping the vehicle I had was out of the question.

I figured at the time that I would simply have to wait a year or two to pull my life back together and eventually one would come on the market used. Fast forward 4 years and I’m still waiting for my life to be stitched back together. I’m closer, but I’ve been “closer” for over a year now and I seem to be stuck in neutral.

So the other day, I’m driving by a Des Moines auto dealer near my work and what happens to be sitting in the used lot? A 2008 Burnt Orange Saturn Vue with my name written all over it…it is, in fact, the one shown above. Being the idiot that I am, I made the mistake of driving into the lot over my lunch break. I thought I would sneak in, check it out and sneak back out without anyone being the wiser. WRONG! Lamont, a very nice sales man hustled his butt over to catch me before I could get back in my perfectly functioning car and run away. I knew I couldn’t afford the Vue but before I could escape the lot, Lamont had done his best to convince me I could. He’s good at his job.

For about 4 hours I had myself convinced I was buying that car.  I can make the monthly payment with no problem…as long as I’m working. What I can’t do is be assured that I can make the monthly payment 3 months from now…6 months from now…a year from now. That confidence that I can and will be financially secure is still elusive to me. It is just out of my grasp…and its something that, before 2007, I hadn’t questioned in nearly 15 years.

For now, the voice of reason has ruled the day…and I’m pretty sure I won’t be on Lamont’s Christmas card list next year.


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