stream of closure

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rambling thoughts and random words upon a page empty into the vast and vacant landscape of my life.  adrift in a dark sea of lessons learned, I cast my shadow far and wide reflecting upon the person I’ve become. conscious acts of normal lead me from the daylight and cast me out into the silent and waiting night. mighty but weak, I fumble deftly down the pathway of right only to find that wrong is raining yet once again. falling gently around me and gathering with the force of no reason, I ride until the tide takes me home again.


Watching in the night

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Ode to a bear…

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Just when I thought you were out of my life

I opened a box long sealed and covered in dust.

Green, furry, soft and wrapped in a bow

you are a reminder of a past I’ve struggled daily to forget.

Your eyes stare and secrets from long ago

try to sneak up into the light and back into my life.

But today you are just a bear.

Nothing more.

And I am stronger for it.

someday (ˈsʌmˌdeɪ)

May 2, 2012 § 3 Comments

— adv: at some unspecified time in the (distant – or not so) future…


.i will be rich

.i will be skinny

.i will buy a house

.i will buy a new car

.i will travel to europe

.i will retire to scottsdale

.i will get paid what i’m worth

.he will understand what he has lost

.i will write a children’s book

.i will make a difference

.i will sing in public

.i will learn to fly

.i will be loved

.i will dance

.i will…


I need a muse…

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This is me. Completely uninspired. Its been too long. Where is my muse?

Sun Sets on WaterWorks Park

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There is no denying the physical beauty this world can manifest.

If only that beauty could shine as bright in every face and every place.

Our world would truly be a better place.

This photo was taken on my cellphone yesterday at WaterWorks Park in Des Moines, IA. I wish I had had a better camera with me to capture the true brilliance of the moment. It was breathtaking.


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ugly hateful

words cut

short innocence

and beauty

of thought

and deed


rare is the 

man who lives

and breaths


in a world



give because

you can

love because

you want and

thrive because

you care


an open heart

it is the door

to happiness

and the key

to grace

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