stream of closure

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rambling thoughts and random words upon a page empty into the vast and vacant landscape of my life.  adrift in a dark sea of lessons learned, I cast my shadow far and wide reflecting upon the person I’ve become. conscious acts of normal lead me from the daylight and cast me out into the silent and waiting night. mighty but weak, I fumble deftly down the pathway of right only to find that wrong is raining yet once again. falling gently around me and gathering with the force of no reason, I ride until the tide takes me home again.


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One Mississippi
Two Mississippi
Three Mississippi
Four Mississippi
Five Mississippi
Six Mississippi
Seven Mississippi
Eight Mississippi
Nine Mississippi
Ten Mississippi


Watching in the night

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Heavy Heart and Mind

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Picture1Maybe those Mayans weren’t so wrong after all. What has become of us? Time to take a step back and evaluate what is important in our lives. Time to take political agendas and hatred and finger pointing to the curb. Tonight my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost family members. Is there a chance that the leaders of our country can come together to make a difference? I say it’s time to take a step back and contemplate what is REALLY important. Agenda or Allegiance?

Where Am I?

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